Daktan is the member of the Tough Chicks and the son of Jadek. His father wants him to come home but Daktan still doesn't remember him. The protagonist will have to race him to make him quit the gang and come home. Later he was happy that he saw his father again.


  • "I'm Daktan of the Tough Chicks! Get out of my way!"
  • "I'm Daktan of the Tough Chicks! You're {Protagonist} from the-- ? I'm busy right now. Leave me alone!"
  • "Hmm! You're {Protagonist}! I said I'm busy. Don't bother me!"
  • "Yo, {Protagonist}! The race with Otto was awesome! Ever since I raced you, I knew you were something. I'll stand by and support you as long as you need it!"
  • "Are you making fun of the Tough Chicks? Clear the way!"
  • "Daktan of the Tough Chicks is coming through! You're {Protagonist}! I will get even with you!"
  • "C'mon, move, I'm Daktan. You're {Protagonist}! Well, I'm busy!"
Protagonist: Is Daktan there?
"Hey, don't poke your nose in my family matters!"
Protagonist: "No, I'm not trying to, but your father's worried about you."
  • "Hey you! If you want me to listen, you have to beat me."
  • (overtaking the protagonist) "Hey, showing off and that's it?"
  • (overtaking the protagonist) "You'll never be able to show-off!"
  • (overtaken by the protagonist) "Acting goody, goody!? How annoying!!"
  • "I can't stand it! OK, I'll keep my promise. I'll go home now."
  • "I have gone home to see my father and it's all because of you! Um, thanks."
  • (celebrating altogether with Eskan, Bidalt and Draoga) "Yeah!"