• Dangerous White Small
  • Dangerous White Medium
  • Dangerous White Long
Dangerous White
is a snowy Scandinavian-European-style racetrack in Conzlart, where racers drive through the tunnels, then into the observatory and through the now-devastated train tracks. While you're racing in the Medium version of this track, be warned that there will be a Kalistan UFO standing by at one section.

Game DescriptionsEdit

  • S: A course on a snowcapped mountain.
  • M: A slushy snow course.
  • L: Dangerous snow course at night.


  • G00
    Takara and Barn House Effect were going to make players go into the train as a tunnel, but there were too many glitches that it was causing, so it was removed.
  • On Dangerous White L, be careful on the way up to the observatory. There is a drop-off area along the way that, if you accidentally fall off, will lose precious time and/or your ranking if you have opponents tailing you.