City Papaya Island
Gender Male
Car Brown Daihatsu YRV
Recruitable No

Daniel (known in Japan as ダニエル (Danieru)) is the owner who sells coconuts at his Coconut Hut, he gives you a billboard for a 50 currency per mile salary.


  • "Hello! Welcome! Delicious cold coconuts! Well? Hello? Are you a customer? Oh, you're not? Did you know that nobody comes here because it's so far? Well, you don't have to buy coconuts. In exchange, will you race with our sign up? If you don't, our shop will go out of business! What do you think? I'll give you 50 {insert currency} for 1 mile (NTSC version) or kilometre (J, PAL, and SK versions). Will you do it?"
  • (if the protagonist say "Nope") "Oh... I'm sad... Too bad."
  • (if the protagonist returns after refusing his part-time job) "Welcome! Delicious cold coconuts... Oh! It's you again! Did you come here to work? Will you do it?"
  • (if the protagonist say "Yup") "Yes! Thank you!! This is our sign. I'll put it up! You can have your friend put the sign up! Come back after you drive for awhile."