City My City
Gender Male
Car White Honda City
Recruitable No

Dayan is a host of the Which-Way? game. He comes from Sandpolis and asked about a place for which-way game in My City. After you completed the Which-Way? Mini-game Dayan will give the protagonist an engine that causes them to burnout (RS Magnum).


  • "Oh, Where should I... I'm not sure. I'm so indecisive."
  • "I want to build an amazing and confusing maze. Let me know if you find a place like that!"
  • (before telling him about My City) "I want to build a maze. Do you know of a spacious place?"
  • (not telling him about My City) "Oh, you don't know? I thought you would know because you've been to so many places. Let me know if you find one."
  • (after telling him about My City) "My City, you say? It was just built? I see. I'm sure if I built a maze like that it would become popular! Thanks! I'll go and have a look!"
  • "What kind of maze will I build in My City? You'll see!"
  • "Oh, which way should I go... Hey, it's you! Thanks for coming! I appreciate what you did for me. Thank you for telling me about this nice city. Oh yeah! Do you want to try my game? I came up with Which-way? Race. Remember the combination of colours on the colour plates appearing while you drive along the course. They will lead you the right way when the road separates. Choose the road you think is the correct match. If you get it right, the course continues. You need to correctly choose all five roads within their time limit. So concentrate! Do you want to try the Which-way? Race?"
  • (if the protagonist agrees to play) "Think and think!"
  • (after the protagonist beats the mini-game) "You are smart! Congratulations! You beat the game! Here...take this. Come and race again!"


  • After you complete his minigame, in NA/EU/SK version, he gives you the RS Magnum, but in the Japanese version, he gives you the "Q 150 (Life of Game Car)" and the "Jinsei Meter".
The Q 150 and the Jinsei Meter from the Japanese version

The Q 150 of the Japanese version and the Jinsei Meter, which was removed from the NA/EU/SK version.