City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Green Foden S21

Dublonik is the long distance delivery director of Budnik's Delivery in Poqui Town, of whom Budnik may introduce to the protagonist at night.

After some in-game months have passed, the protagonist will receive a PT Delivery letter from Budnik in their mail inbox, informing that the business is looking for a long distance night delivery driver. If they then visit Budnik during night-time, he will ask if them would like the additional part-time job. If they agree to work, he will lend the protagonist the delivery truck body to use, and then introduce them to Dublonik.

Dublonik explains to them that must transport a special delivery to a far away destination. It is to be taken to a drive-in business across the mountain, situated by the side of the long and winding freeway road. After he has given their instructions and recommended that they should chew gum if feeling sleepy, the Distant Delivery Game will begin.

Once they had reached the end of the freeway route and successfully delivered the load, they will automatically be warped back to Budnik's Delivery. For completing the job, Dublonik will give the delivery truck body (Choro-Q135) the protagonist used and a 6000G salary as a reward. Despite informing the protagonist that they may return for work again, this is actually a one-time event, and cannot be accessed in future.


  • (When he is giving the delivery instructions) "You must be the part-timer. I want you to make one delivery for me. Oh no, we are not delivering anything bad. I want you to deliver it to the drive-in across the mountain. Don't fall asleep while driving on the long, winding roads. If you get sleepy, you can't keep control of your handling. If that happens, chew gum. That should wake you up. Ok, stop complaining and let's get ready for delivery. Good luck."
  • (After the protagonist has completed the Distant Delivery Game) "Thank you for delivering it. Here take this truck body. And also the salary. Come back if you want to work again. I'll give you work."


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