City Scratch Mountain
Gender Male
Car Grey Aston Martin DB5

Dunk is a bookworm in Scratch Mountain and he loves collecting books. He wanted three new books in the world; the Red Book that is about disliked food, Green Book that is about favorite food and Blue Book that is about favorite famous person.


  • "Hi, nice to meet you. I love books. I've collected a lot of them. But there's 3 books I really want to read, and I've searched all over for them. They're 3 books with the same cover, all different in colour. The title is...Red Book, Green Book, Blue Book. If you find them, I'd like to have them. Thanks again!"
  • "Hey. You came again. I guess you can't find the maniac books I'm looking for, huh. Th, that! Isn't it the book I've been looking for?"
  • "Hey. You've come again. I wonder if the book doesn't exist anymore. It's so rare. Seriously, if you find it, I'd like you to give it to me."
  • "Th, that! That's the Red Book/Green Book/Blue Book! You'll let me have it, right?"
  • "Thanks! I'm going to take my time and read this."
  • "Thanks. I'm looking forward to read this as well. I'll take my time reading through it."
  • "Thanks, I'm excited. I'm going to read every little word."
  • "Hey, you've come again. Now, I have all the books I was looking for. Thank you so much. The last book had information about __________. That wasn't what I expected at all. To think that was happening. It was so fun reading them. These books will be my treasures from now on. Oh! In return, I'll give you these songs. Well, I also like music. Reading a book while listening to music is like...perfection."
  • "Hm? You... That Frog Ornament... Is that the one that I ordered? Hehehe. Thanks. You're delivering frogs. Thanks alot."


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