City Cloud Hill
Gender Male
Car Lime Green/White Lancia Stratos
Recruitable No

Dust (known in the Japanese version as ダスト Dasuto) believes in angels, unsurprisingly. If theprotagonist had believe in angels, he will give them Angel's Wings. He claims that all his friends pick on him because he believes in them. Dust will always say that the protagonist starting to look like an angel to them, after they had gotten the Angel's Wings.


  • "Hi. You drive fast! Why don't you slow down? It's nice to enjoy the scenery. Do you think angels exist? This is Cloud Hill, the city in the sky. Anything can happen here. I believe in angels. How about you?"
  • (if the protagonist says they believe in angels) "Gosh! You believe too! Good. All my friends laugh at me whenever I talk about it. I'm glad to meet someone who has such a pure heart. Will you take this? This is an ornament I made depicting an angel from my dreams. Doesn't it look nice? It's a symbol of friendship. Well then, see you!"
  • "Well, well, well. You've started to look like an angel to me."


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