Echigoya Sales Assistant
City Fuji City
Gender Male
Car Hunter Green Toyota Celica Supra Mk.II
Recruitable No

The Echigoya Sales Assistant stays in Police Chief Echigoya's House. He tells the protagonist about Otomi's arrest.


  • "Hello. Have you seen our owner? The Police came to see him, and I overheard them talking about the Dumpling Cake Shop. Anyway, he should know better! We're so busy, and he's out wondering around... Oops, sorry. I shouldn't have complained to the customer. You're leaving already? Come back again."
  • (After Otomi's release) "Hello. Huh? What happened to our owner? I don't know, but as soon as he came back, he went to bed, saying he was sick. It seemed like the police chief was angry with him. I wonder what happened. You're leaving already? Come back again."


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