City Scratch Mountain
Gender Female
Car Lavender Mazda Savanna RX-3

Eleanor is the wife of the archaeologist Kellog, she is a rather judging character because when the protagonist asks for the vase; what she wanted was evidence and she won't take the vase back until she was given evidence otherwise there will be no argument. After the vase was taken back, Kellog has came home and Eleanor thinks it was embarrassing.


  • "Hello. Yes? You're asking if that vase is Kellog's? Ahahahhaah! I don't know. Whatever do you mean? What are you talking about? If you really think it is, show me some evidence. Evidence that this is Kellog's vase. Without evidence there really is no argument."
  • "Hello. What? This dirty picture...Hmm.....!! Its...I see. It's a picture of when Kellog dug the vase out? It does seem that this vase is Kellog's then, doesn't it? Fine, I understand. I'm sorry! I took it from Kellog's place! He's my husband. We just got married. But...He's always researching, and he hardly ever comes home. I thought that if I took some of his research home, he'd come home, but it didn't work. I knew he would get mad, but I still took it. Still he won't come home. I just wanted him, so we could talk. I'm sorry for causing you so many problems. I'm so sorry. I'll take it back myself later."


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