City White Mountain
Gender Female
Car White 1999 Honda Accord Wagon
Recruitable Yes

Emily (Japanese: エミリ Emily) is a Choro-Q who lives near the frozen lake. She asks the protagonist to find a Papu Flower on Papaya Island for her. After they obtain it, she then gives them the seeds which Flower needs for her flowers.


  • "Goodness..what should I do? What in the world shall I do? Yes? What's my problem? Well, I was looking for a flower. My favourite white flower. Its name is Papu. I used to see Papus around here, but I can't find them this year. I've looked all over the town... Goodness...what should I do.... Oh? You must have travelled to many different cities. Do you want to find the Papu flower for me? Can you do that?"
  • (After the protagonist says "Of course, I'll find it.") "Thank you. I wonder where it's at. Well, good luck!"
  • "Oh! Hey, you! How is it? Think you'll find it? Oh, what have I got you into? Good luck."
  • "Oh! Gosh!!! Thank you! You've found it! It's this flower, this one! What! Say what?!! In Papaya Island!!? Gosh, you went a long way. I'll give you this. A pink flower will blossom. Gosh! Thank you very much! I'm bursting with happiness."


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