The Endurance Run is a race in My City that involves driving 10 laps (more than any other in Choro-Q HG 2). This race is unique in the fact that there is a pit-stop. Driving into it will slow the car down to a steady pace, but will refill the car.

The Endurance Run is also used as the venue for the final showdown against the President.


It is suggested to use an engine with a low fuel consumption rate, due to the long duration of this track. One suggested engine would be the Black MAX. Despite this, there are many fast racers that could overtake you. Cut corners and keep a fast pace for most of the race. Slow down if you are in front, to save fuel and to ready yourself for sharp corners that are abundant in this race. Only use the pit-stop if extremely low on fuel, as it can use up a lot of valuable seconds in front. Try to also gain pole position before using the pit-stop.

You should also use the Jet Turbine as you approach the pit enterance to gain some more speed.


  • This race can also be played in 2-player mode.
  • Endurance Run is the only track in Choro-Q HG 2 where it is set to 10 laps by default if played in My City. This also makes the track the longest race in the game.
  • Endurance Run is also the only track in Choro-Q HG 2 that has a dynamic day/night cycle.