City Brachy (day) and Poqui (night)
Gender Male
Car Black SmartFortwo

Eskan is the younger brother of Draoga and a member of the Tough Chicks, he meets you for a challenge at Brachy. Later he told Draoga that you were "bullying" him. At night sometime later, at the hang-out, Draoga got mad at Eskan because he lied to him that about what happened between you and him. He hits Eskan and says that he trusts nobody. This is the possible reason why Draoga doesn't want Eskan to be a bully, because he read his mother's letter about Eskan.


  • "Ha ha ha! Welcome. The wait was worth it. By the way, do you know what "worth" means? Worth means... Hmmm... Never mind. So... You're a racer? You get nothing but damage to yourself. Go home! But if you challenge me and you win, then I'll believe you."
  • (Overtaking the protagonist in his race) "You're not good at racing!"
  • (Overtaking the protagonist in his race) "You're pretty slow!"
  • (Overtaken by the protagonist in his race) "So you're quite good!"
  • (Overtaken by the protagonist in his race) "Oh no! You're faster than me!"
  • (Overtaken by the protagonist in his race) "Won't lose!"
  • (If the protagonist lose) "Hee hee hee!! You're a lousy driver! You sure you're a Choro-Q? Do you really need tyres? If you want to be a racer, you have to beat me first. Or else, you can't move on. See you later."
  • "Oh hey, Do you want to race? Let's race again."
  • "Hey you're back! Do you want to challenge me again?"
  • (After being defeated) "Wow wow wow... You're pretty good. Oh well, why don't I let you win this time!"
  • (Celebrating altogether with Draoga, Bidalt and Daktan on the player's first Grand Prix) "Yeah!"
  • "Who are you!? You can't come in. Leave before my brother finds out!"
  •  "It's {Protagonist}! So I'm real fast! So I'll race you anytime. I'll be waiting in front of school!" 
  •  "You and I are rivals! And I'm the only one who deserves to be your rival. I'll race you anytime. I'll be waiting in front of school!" 
  •  "Good for you! I'm the only one who deserves to be your rival. You're the fastest ChoroQ in the world! That's awesome!"


  • Eskan is one of many characters in Choro-Q HG 4 who break the fourth wall.
  • Being a SmartFortwo, the developers had essentially created a joke because he claims to be "smart".


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