City Scratch Mountain
Gender Male
Car Orange Ferrari 250 GTO

Evelyn is a casual guy driving around the valleys of Scratch Mountain, he revealed that he saw a mysterious person by the lake. Later he said that Dex picked up Evelyn's handkerchief for him and claims that Dex was a good person.


  • "Yahooo!! I haven't seen you around before. I see, you're a racer. Must be pretty hard. I don't do that because it is too troublesome. Hey, listen. There's a strange guy around. Over yonder by the river. He speaks in a weird way. And he asks things like, "Have you seen a star shaped stone?" But he doesn't want to talk about the details. Kinda weird if you ask me."
  • "Yahooo!! How's the races coming along? You look promising. You... If our town needs help, hopefully you can lend a helping hand. Come to think of it, that weird guy by the river. I wonder if he found that star shaped stone. Kinda worried... Oh well."


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