Fight (Japanese:ファイト Faito) is a red and yellow Mitsubishi Starion who had lost his magazine, he gives you the Hero Card and you have to give it to Barton. This forms part of an extremely long task where you need to swap items with other cars, in order to get Fight's magazine. Once you return to Peach Town and give the magazine to Fight, you will recieve Stamp 7, and Fight will become a recruitable car. If you race against him unrecruited, he'll finish in 18th or 19th place on Peach Raceway .


  • I am searching for an inspiring magazine, but it's so popular that I can't find it. You seem to travel quite a bit. How about finding it for me? Let me reward you.
  • (When the protagonist agrees to find his magazine) Oh yes, thank you! It's not much, but it may come handy someday. Well then, good luck.
  • (After the protagonist finds his magazine) Oh! You found the inspiring magazine! Thank you very much! As a reward, I give you this. Thanks again! Take care!
  • Hey! It's you! Your focused racing has inspired me to want to race with you.I know you'll have to give up a teammate, but how about adding me?
  • (If the protagonist declines his teammate request) That's too bad. Let me know if you change your mind.
  • (If the protagonist accepts his teammate request) Thank you. You won't regret this. Yes! Let's do it!
  • (Whilst on the team) It's fun racing with you. It's like my heart is getting recharged! Yes! Let's do it!


  • In the western release of the game, the body Fight gives you is the "Penny Racers" car. In the Japanese version, you get the Game of Life game piece. The pegs are replaced with the Peach town mascot.
  • The superhero card Fight gives you starts off a chain reaction, which ends with Moisy from Papaya Island finally giving it you in trade for a canary recorder from Williams when you give him a rice ball.