Flower (known in the Japanese version as フラワー (Furawā Flower)) is initially found driving around the outskirts of Peach Town. If you tell her about My City, she'll move there and become a gardener. Once you have acquired the flower seed and give it to her, one of her flowers will bloom instantly and you'll obtain Stamp 41. She also asks you to plant some flowers in My City.


  • "Hi! How are you? I'm thinking about moving. This place is too small."
  • "If you find a spacious place to grow flowers, let me know."
  • (Before telling her about My City) "Do you know of a place where I can grow lots of flowers?"
  • (Not telling her about My City) Oh well. A place like that will be hard to find.
  • (After telling her about My City) "My City? It's big, right? That's good to hear! Thanks! I will go there!"
  • "Which flowers should I plant? My dream has come true! Thank you so much! La da dee la dee da..."
  • "Oh, dear! Long time no see!!! Remember me? I was in Peach Town. I'm concerned about something. We have enough space to grow flowers, but there is no shop where they sell seeds. Will you tell me if you find a flower seed?"
  • (If the protagonist has the flower seed) "Oh, dear! What is that? Is that a flower seed? Did you get that for me? Do you want to give her the flower seed?"
  • (After the protagonist said "Yes") "Oh dear!! Thank you!!! You've helped me with everything... In return, I'll give you this. Come and see me anytime! I look forward to seeing you."