City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Sky Blue Lotus Espirit

Fotbar is the laboratory professor, he sets up shop after the protagonist has given him the Letter of Recommendation so the protagonist can turn items into unique parts, later he gives the protagonist the body that they can create. He later gives the protagonist oil that doesn't really do anything, or so it seems.

Quotes Edit

  • "We're working on a top-secret project. Don't be nosy!"
  • "Oh, you have an experiment ticket. But the date hasn't been decided. I'm sorry."
  • "Research! Development! Report! How busy. We are working on the top-secret project here. Therefore, do not enter! I see. What! A recommendation from his Excellency! I surely received this. Let me explain to you what the top-secret project is. You can synthesize items you possess. The items can become parts. But if they are a bad match, the synthesis will fail. Find a good match yourself. That's what we call Research. Next time you come here, there will be a menu. Select Synthesize from there. I have to prepare. Come again."
  • "What's up?!"
  • "Hey you, with a ticket. Today is the day for the secret experiment. An experiment of the century! You're lucky to witness a historic moment. Do you understand? What I'm talking about is that this special plastic body, made from this multi-proportional material, enables the body to change shape flexibly! Do you want to try?"
  • "Let's start!"
  • "Isn't this custom body a great invention? You can have it. If you want to reshape the body, come here anytime."


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