Frank is a recruitable car found in Sandpolis. He is a red Mini, who is surprisingly young. His father had given him a Toy Gun but he disliked it and offered it to you. After accepting the toy gun, he will ask you to be his team-mate. He lives in the Wild West Town that's by Sandpolis. After he gives you his toy gun he will mention that he has more fun using a toy cradle and racing.


  • "Oh! Hello, sir! My daddy said he was going to buy a toy for me so I can pretend to be a cowboy. So he bought me a toy gun. Does it look good on me?"
  • (After the protagonist had said "Yeah, it looks really nice") "Oh, alright. Well, I'm afraid to play with it."
  • (When the protagonist visits him again with the toy gun) "Oh! Excuse me! I can't get myself to like the toy gun. Really... Does it look good on me?"
  • (After the protagonist had said "No, it's not for you") "You think so? You're right. Um... I like to play Cat's Cradle. I'll give this toy gun to you. Don't tell daddy. OK! Bye-bye."
  • "Umm... I like to play Cat's Cradle. I also like racing! But racing with teammates is so much more fun! So... I want to race with you! If it's possible, will you put me on your team?"
  • (Declining his teammate request) "Oh, that's too bad. If you change your mind, let me know! All right! Bye-Bye."
  • (Accepting his teammate request) "Hurray! Thanks. You won't regret this! All right! Bye-Bye."
  • (Whilst on the team) "Hurray! You came to play! I'll do well on the next race! All right! Bye-Bye."


  • Frank lives close to the Police headquarters, suggesting that Captain Rombo is his father.
  • Like all the other 'Wild West Town' residents, his city is Sandpolis when he races.