The Fuji City/Sandpolis Highway, also known as the Fujipolis Highway is a 4-lane highway that links the cites of Fuji and Sandpolis. It also has an exit to My City.


It inhabits the form of a standard motorway, snaking over a desert. The beach is also near along with Choro-Q coins located underneath. The actual road is the single longest in the game, it starts in Fuji City, and goes all the way to White Mountain. It is only a highway from Fuji City to Chestnut Canyon.


The exits are in Fuji City, My City and the Sandpolis junction. The flyover in Sandpolis does not count as part of this highway. However, the highway ends in Chestnut Canyon and turns into a rocky path.


  • Other cars are never seen driving on the highway, you are always all alone.
  • It is based on a real route in Nevada.


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