Fuji City (known in the Japanese version as フジシティ Fuji Shitī Fuji City) is the second major city in Choro-Q HG 2. It is thematically based on feudal Japan, in which it borrows its stylized architecture, environment and aspects of culture from.


  • Fuji City village shops
  • Fuji City village shops
  • View of Fuji City from the top of the hill
  • The hill leading to Fuji City Shrine
  • The Fuji City Shrine
  • Fuji Castle at dusk
  • Fuji Castle in the daylight
  • The Fuji City billboard in Peach Town

Fuji City is home to the King of Fuji City and his heiress, Princess Nanaha. Its notable landmarks include a large tiered castle which sits in the center, as well as a steep mountaintop leading to a cliff which overlooks the city. The city is isolated on a small island, with bridges connecting it to Island Bridge and the Fuji/Sandpolis Highway.



Characters that move to My CityEdit

Local buildingsEdit

  • Heizo's Japanese House
  • Iwasuke's Japanese House
  • Spirit Medium's Japanese House
  • Prison
  • Hanako's Japanese House
  • Uzumasa's Japanese House
  • King's Castle
  • Hakosuke's Japanese House
  • Natsuo's Japanese House


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Trivia Edit

  • The castle is probably the most notable landmark in Fuji City. It has a large moat, along with the Sliding Door Race and Treasure Maze.
  • The Castle strongly resembles the castle in Hiroshima, Japan. In fact, Fuji City may be based upon Hiroshima.
  • The red gates that lead you to the shrine are called "torii" in Japanese.
  • There is a large wooden box next to the sleeping guard. In Japan, this box is known as an "osaisen-bako", and acts as a small chest where people can deposit money, believing that they will be granted wishes.
  • The sliding doors in the Temple Raceway stage are made of "'fusuma", a type of Japanese paper.
  • All the inhabitants of Fuji City have Japanese car bodies to match the Japanese-themed location. The majority of the cars in Fuji City are Toyotas, although there are a few exceptions.
  • There is an echigoya; "echigoya" is an enormous chain of Japanese clothing shops that generally relies on crafting kimonos that originated from 1673, the year during the Edo era. In real life, it still exists today, under the name Mitsukoshi since the Meiji era.
  • on peach FM, a male choroQ named Saemonnojou is telling a weather of this area . you cant meet him.
    • His name is came from Tōyama Kagemoto. Realy famous as "Tōyama no Kin-san" jidaigeki.
      • Saemonnnojou is his Position. most people sometimes named themselves with Positions like middle names in English.