Fuji City
Fuji City 2
Type Feudal Japan
Location Between Island Bridge and Fuji/Sandpolis Highway
Notable inhabitants 27

Fuji City (known in the Japanese version as フジシティ Fuji Shitī Fuji City) is the second major city in Choro-Q HG 2. It is thematically based on feudal Japan, in which it borrows its stylized architecture, environment and aspects of culture from.


  • Fuji City village shops
  • Fuji City village shops
  • View of Fuji City from the top of the hill
  • The hill leading to Fuji City Shrine
  • The Fuji City Shrine
  • Fuji Castle at dusk
  • Fuji Castle in the daylight
  • The Fuji City billboard in Peach Town

Fuji City is home to the King of Fuji City and his heiress, Princess Nanaha. Its notable landmarks include a large tiered castle which sits in the center, as well as a steep mountaintop leading to a cliff which overlooks the city. The city is isolated on a small island, with bridges connecting it to Island Bridge and the Fuji/Sandpolis Highway.


Characters that move to My CityEdit

Local buildingsEdit

  • Prison


Activities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The castle is probably the most notable landmark in Fuji City. It has a large moat, along with the Sliding Door Race and Treasure Maze.
  • The Castle strongly resembles the castle in Hiroshima, Japan. In fact, Fuji City may be based upon Hiroshima.
  • The red gates that lead you to the shrine are called "torii" in Japanese.
  • There is a large wooden box next to the sleeping guard. In Japan, this box is known as an "osaisen-bako", and acts as a small chest where people can deposit money, believing that they will be granted wishes.
  • The sliding doors in the Temple Raceway stage are made of "'fusuma", a type of Japanese paper.
  • All the inhabitants of Fuji City have Japanese car bodies to match the Japanese-themed location.


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