The Garage is the main home of the protagonist. Many Choro-Q free-roam sandbox type-games have a garage.

Choro-Q HG 2Edit

  • The Garage is given by the Wonder Estate Agency and is placed in My City. Despite being a building, it is placed number 1 in the hierarchy of the warp list.
  • Being the main home, Trophies are stored here once being earned in races by placing first, items are also stored here that were given by other Choro-Qs that are keepable. It can be decorated with acquired wallpapers and the place to check emails.
  • It is the only place that the protagonist may warp to minigames all around the world by simply selecting one through the warp list in the Garage.

Choro-Q HG 3Edit

  • The Garage is automatically given at the start of the game, and is located in Grunge Garden.
  • Within the Garage, the protagonist may warp to any track or city that they have unlocked.
  • The protagonist may also change parts, or order parts when they have acquired the Mail Order Catalog later in the game.
  • It is a place where gameplay data can be saved, and listen to music in your Garage obtained from various of Choro-Qs all over the world.
  • The Garage may also warp the protagonist to any town they have visited before, and the protagonist will automatically return to their Garage if retired from a race.

Choro-Q HG 4Edit

  • The Garage is automatically given, which a chose between three colors, which has limited space until you get a ID and upgrade it.
  • The protaognist may change their parts, save data, read mail, look at your events list. They may also apply for the GP there and choose races.

Shin-Combat Choro-QEdit

  • The Garage is located somewhere in the towns, but you automatically have it.
  • You may change parts and customize your tank. You can also save your data there.

Choro-Q WorksEdit

  • The Garage is located somewhere in the different towns. There it is possible to change and customize the Protagonist's racing/working parts and color/design.
  • It also displays badges and events the protagonist have finished. It is also a place to save the gameplay data or leave the game without saving.

Choro-Q Wonderful!Edit

  • The Garage is where the protagonist starts the game by entering their Garage and running over their Grand Prix Trophy.


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