Gate Man
Gate man
City Cloud Hill
Gender Male
Car Black Mercedes-Benz CE (C124)
Recruitable No

The Gate Man has been guarding the gate for many years. He stays near President Forest's mansion's gates to ensure that people stay out. He opens the gate once you become President. The gate has an Invisible Barrier over the top of it.

Quotes Edit

  • "This is President's Mansion. I cannot let any common people in without an appointment. There is just one other way to get into the mansion. The one who wins the World Grand Prix. and has the trophy, may enter. Only that person will be allowed to come into this mansion, and participate in a one-on-one race. I hope you understand. I need to ask you to leave."
  • "Welcome, you are the winner in the World Grand Prix, correct? Congratulations! I could tell you are the winner. I've been the gate man for many years and I've never seen the look of that pride. Please Come on in!"
  • (when you talk to him as president) "Good morning Mr.President! I hope you be a great leader! Have a nice day!"


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