City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Persian Indigo Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III (CE9A)

Gedrak is the racer of the Mountain Pass and not gripping well because of mint oil. After you win against him in the Mountain Pass race, he gives you CD 1. He is also Gedluna's brother.


  • "I'm Gedrak. Are you far out today!?"
  • "I'm not tripping because of the mint oil. Hey! Your eyes tell me you are dying to attack the pass. Alright, leave it up to me! Let's go to the pass now."
  • "Let's brace up! Huh? Race to the goal. The race is over if you fall off a cliff. Now let's go far out!"
  • (If the player won) "You're far out! I'll give you a CD of a bar theme song as a memory. My big brother owns a bar in Poqui. You have good skills. Let's attack the pass again!"
  • (If the player loses to Gedrak) "Ha ha ha! Look at you! Too miserable!!"
  • (If the player pushed him off the mountain) "How could you push me off!" "I'll commend on you!!"


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