General Skiseava
General Skiseava
Faction Q-Stein Empire
Gender Male
Military vehicle Grey/Black Island Battleship
Military rank General

General Skiseava is a boss in Shin-Combat Choro-Q. He is a powerful Q-Stein battleship who leads the Navy and guards the Q-Stein continent to ensure that no Proton or Nibelian forces enter.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Gen. Skiseava is a well-armed battleship armed with a variety of destructive weapons, many of which can be destroyed.

  • Main Guns: Skiseava's main artillery pieces. He has a total of twelve of these guns. Three are mounted in four turrets each with three turrets on the forward deck and one at the stern. They fire Retro Bomb-style projectiles that roll towards their target and explode on impact. The turrets can be destroyed with enough damage.
  • Gravity Sphere: Mounted behind the forward turrets, this high-tech energy weapon fires a flashing black sphere of gravitational energy that will trap anything in it. Skiseava first uses this weapon to bring the player onto his deck, though this move turns out to be his undoing. In combat, the weapon creates another sphere which would pull the player towards it, but doesn't cause any damage though it does prevent the player from advancing further along the deck. It can be disabled if the player destroys the four generators creating the sphere.
  • Missile Launchers: Four of these launchers are mounted on the port side in the center of the ship. They fire a total of eight missiles towards the player. They can be destroyed with enough hits to them.
  • Anti-aircraft Cannons: Multiple guns mounted on the port and starboard side at the center of the ship. These guns only come into operation if the player attempts to take to the air with any flying equipment. These weapons cause the most damage and will blow the player out the sky in a few seconds flat. They can however be taken out with enough hits.
  • Missile Silos: Mounted at the stern behind the rear turret, these cells fire large missiles into the air and then rain down on the player from above. They can cause alot of damage, so they are to be avoided at all costs. The silos can be individually destroyed with one hit from any weapon.
  • Gatling Cannon: Mounted in front of the the control tower, this rapid-fire weapon comes into play when the lower part of it is destroyed. Its rotating barrels fire shells that can cause a lot of damage so it must be avoided. It can be destroyed with sufficient damage.

Quotes Edit

  • (Only spoken line, addressing the player) "I'll destroy all who enter..."


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