City My City
Gender Male
Car Green Honda Odyssey
Recruitable No

George (known in Japan as ジョージ (Jōji)) is film fan originally from Sandpolis, he says he never sees any good films and decided to make his own theatre but he cannot do it in his house because it is too small. You tell him about My City, George's Cinema has an Ending Movie when you become the president. The movie has the credits and your car going through towns in the game.


  • "I haven't seen any good films. If I had my own cinema, I'd play all my favourites. I know! I'll just build my own theatre! But I can't do it in my house. It's too small. Is there a place where I can build a cinema?"
  • "If you find a good place where I can open a cinema, please let me know."
  • (not telling him about My City) "You don't know? Well, let me know if you find a suitable place."
  • (after you told him about My City) "Hmm...My City? Development in progress? I'll go and see it for myself! Thanks for the information!"
  • "Long way to move. But thanks for the info!"
  • "Welcome to My City Cinemas! You can see films here. Oh yeah! You must be...! I'm George, from Sandpolis. Have you read my Email? I was able to build this nice cinema all because of you. Thanks!! Well, we're still working on the cinema. Will you come again after the ending?"


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