Faction Q-Stein Empire
Gender Male
Military vehicle Black Sturmtiger
Military rank Major General

Germinaro (originally known in Japan as ドニゲッテル少将 (Donigetteru Shōshō Major General Donigetteru)) is an antagonist character in Shin-Combat Choro-Q. He is the third elite Q-Stein tank who commands the Q-Stein forces guarding the countryside near Zambneal, he uses a Launcher.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Scatter: Germinaro's main weapon. It fires a scatter shell which after firing, splits into multiple projectiles that scatter to hit multiple targets. It can cause a fair amount of damage so avoid it at all costs.
  • Launcher: His secondary weapon. This side-mounted weapon fires a total of four homing missiles that track their target.

Personal DataEdit

The following is the data that the Japanese official strategy guide reveals:

Battle of ZambnealEdit


  • 500

Parts InstalledEdit


  • (Seeing his soldiers losing to the Protons) "What! You can't even win against them?! No more, I'll smash them all!"
  • (Destroyed by the Protons) "Freedom shall not fall!!!"


  • Germinaro is originally known in Japan as ドニゲッテル少将 (Donigetteru Shōshō Major General Donigetteru), and if there was an official English translation, it might be spelled such as "Donigettel", "Donigettell", "Donigetel", "Donigetell", and so on.
  • The character is named after Richard Germinaro, the Creative Services Director of Conspiracy Entertainment.
  • His rank was never given in the overseas version of the game.


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