Gichi is an inhabitant from Fuji City who felt bored of the area and wanted to live somewhere else instead, once the player has told him about My City, he will move there. To find him in Fuji City, look for him driving around near the Dumpling Cake Shop.


  • "Oh, no, not right. This place will never do. There must be some place better to live."
  • "Well, tell me if you find a place I might like."
  • (Before telling him about My City) "Hey, do you know of a city that I might like?"
  • (Not telling him about My City) "I see. Well, tell me if you find a nice place."
  • (After telling him about My City) "What? My City? What a fancy name! Thanks! I'll go there now!"
  • "Oh! It's you! It's me! Gichi, from Fuji City. Thanks for everything. What do you think? I have a nice house, huh?"
  • (If the protagonist says his house is a little small) "What!! You don't like my castle? You have poor taste."