City Cloud Hill
Gender Male
Car Orange/Navy Blue Daihatsu YRV
Recruitable Yes

Giz (Japanese: ギズ Giz) is an inhabitant of Cloud Hill. He is recruitable after you defeat President Forest and become president. He is an average racer, coming in 15th or so when unrecruited. He has no missions for you to complete for him.


  • What? I'm handsome? Ha ha! People say that a lot! The fans will be talking about you like that soon, I'll bet.
  • "What? I'm handsome? What are you talking about! You're the President! You're the handsome one! However, you are slower than me..."
  • (if the player is president, before recruiting him) What? I'm handsome? What are you talking about! You're the president! That's cool! I really want to be on your team! Do you want to add me to your team?
  • (if the player is president, declining his request) Oh, too bad... I got up my courage to ask you to let me be on your team.
  • (if the player is president, accepting his request) Yes! I'm glad! I will try harder than your previous teammate. Everyone has the chance to win 1st place. I won't yield even to you, the president.
  • (if the player is president, whilst on your team) Oh! Mr. President! Let's work hard as a team, and as individuals!
  • (if the player is president) Did you have fun on the land? I should go down there sometime.


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