City My City
Gender Male
Car Blue/Yellow Toyota Dyna (Tow Truck)
Recruitable No

Gonzo is a Tow Truck, just like every other Tow Truck in the Q's Factory. He can be found driving around the centre of Peach Town. He says his dream is to open a Q's Factory. So, that means that he can be recruited for My City so you can finally have your own Q Factory there. If you say yes, next time you go to My City, he will be there with his Q's Factory and you can warp to My City when you go to the 'Warp' option on your Start menu.


  • "I want to open a Q's Factory. I could change racecar parts. There's a future in that, right?"
  • "Let me know if you find a good place."
  • (after the protagonist told him about My City) "Oooh, My City? Sounds interesting. Thanks! I'll check it out."


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