City Echo Forest
Gender Male
Car Teal/Blue 1998 Toyota Altezza

Gooch is a very friendly Choro-Q that can be found driving around in the upper area of Echo Forest. He gives you the Digital Meter when you first meet him and will say it is a nice looking meter.


  • "Hey! What meter are you using? If you'd like, use this. I think it's a nice looking meter."
  • "Hey! Do you like the meter I gave you?"
  • (After you said "What did you give me?") "Ha ha, I'm not giving anything to you anymore."
  • (After you said "I don't like it.") "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, my feelings? Yes."
  • (After you said "I haven't looked at it yet.") "Why don't you go to the garage and put it on?"
  • (After you said "I really like it.") "Yes, so why don't you put it on?"
  • (After you said "I really like it." with the Digital Meter equipped) "Really? I knew you like it."


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