City Fuji City
Gender Male
Car Orange 1965 Toyota Sports 800
Recruitable Yes

Goro is a recruitable Choro-Q that can be found driving around the main dirt road front entrance area of Fuji City, and can also be seen turning around near the southern end of Island Bridge. After accepting or declining his team request, he claims that he has a better name for Island Bridge. Funnily enough, he never says it. His name is similar to that of Matsugoro who lives in Fuji City as well.

When you first meet him, he mentions that other Choro-Q's keep on calling him Gorodon, which he claims is a bit embarrassing.


  • "My name is Goro. People call me Gorodon. It's a bit embarrassing."
  • (Asking to be your teammate) "I'm proud of my driving. Will you let me join your team?"
  • (Declining his request, he now cries) "*Sob* I thought I would finally have a teammate. Well, ask me again if you're in the mood."
  • (After you agreed to have him on your team) "Thanks. So we are a team now. It was lonely racing by myself."
  • "Say, the bridge to the north is called Island Bridge. My name sounds better."
  • "Well then, bye."
  • (While he is on your team) "Oh, it's you! Good to see you, my teammate. Let's do our best!"


  • Goro's name is a Japanese variant of Gorou, which means "five" (go) and "son" (rou). It was traditionally a name for the fifth son.


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