City Chestnut Canyon
Gender Male
Car Orange/Black Isuzu Bellett GTR (ST204)
Recruitable Yes

Graham is a powerful driver in Chestnut Canyon, he used to fall off a cliff.


  • "Yoo-hoo! The air feels fresh! If you do something, you might be able to drive powerfully, just like me. Try harder! {Greeting}. I fell off a cliff. I was surprised! You should drive carefully. {Greeting}."
  • "Yoo-hoo! The air feels fresh! It makes me want to race with my teammates... But, I can't seem to find the right teammates. If you don't mind, will you let me join your team, replacing your current teammate?"
  • (declining his teammate request) "Humm. I see. A hillbilly won't talk regretfully! Come and see me when you're in the mood!"
  • (accepting his teammate request) "Great! We'll make a great team! I get this feeling! I'll try hard instead of your old teammate."
  • (whilst on your team) "Yoo-hoo! How are you? I hope you haven't had any trouble with your parts. It seems OK."
  • "You know, the other day, I did something very silly. I was driving, and the air was so refreshing that I got carried away and... I fell off a cliff. I was surprised! You should drive carefully."


  • Graham and Grandpa Costello both have Isuzu Bellet bodies, and are recruitible racers, which is rare. It is possible to form a team with all Isuzu Bellet GTs.


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