Grandma Dizzy
Grandma Dizzy
City White Mountain
Gender Female
Car Kokoda Yellow Citroen 2CV
Recruitable No

Grandma Dizzy is an elderly Choro-Q who lives in White Mountain, she'll give you the Christmas Tree when you first visit her. Dizzy will also tell you about her grandson called "Mick", which she thought was you at first, as you looked quite like him to her, but wonders if you have actually seen him, this could possibly be Micky. However, there is no known information about this between these two characters.


  • "Who? Wha-? Mick? Is it my grandson, Mick? ?....... No, no, no! I mistook you for someone else. You look like my grandson. He doesn't visit as often as he used to. When he'd come over, I'd make him carry this tree. Oh, my! I'm blabbering on again. Thanks for listening to me. Please take this tree... Please come back and play again."
  • Hunhh? Mick? Is it my grandson, Mick? You really look like him... I'm happy that you came back. It's slippery, so be careful.


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