Grandpa Costello
Grandpa Costello
City Papaya Island
Gender Male
Car Tan/Brown Isuzu Bellett GT
Recruitable Yes

Grandpa Costello is the ukulele player, when you visit him. He will tell you that his ukulele is crying, if you wanted him to play it, his ukulele is happy again and gives it to you.


  • Plink...plink... Oh, the ukulele is crying... Oh, my Plinky is crying... My wonderful Plinky is disappointed that it won't be travelling. Listen to a tune?
  • (after you said "Yes, yes!") Ohh, goodie! Here we go! Plink... Plink...plink... Plink pli plink plink Pplink! Plink pplink pliiink Pli pliink...pli pliink... Plink pli plink plink Pli pli pli pli....plink....... How was it? It has a beautiful yet sorrowful tone. This ukulele wants to go on a journey... I see you travel a lot. Will you take this ukulele with you? I'm sure the ukulele is happy.
  • (before recruiting him) Oh, it's you. Nice to see you. To tell you the truth, after my ukulele left, I had some free time. So I started to concentrate on racing. Now that I'm serious about it, I've found that it's more difficult than I expected. I need a good team to support me. Would you consider adding me to your team?
  • (declining his request) I understand. I'm old, right? So racing with a fast team like yours may hurt me. I give up.
  • (accepting his request) Ho-ho! Thank you! I'm old, but I'm confident about racing. I'll do my best instead of your old teammate.
  • (whilst on your team) Oh, it's you. Nice to see you. Having a young teammate makes me want to try harder. I'm looking forward to the next race.
  • By the way, the ukulele seems to be having fun. I can tell!


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