Green Park is an amusement park-based City built on the highland, appeared in Choro-Q Wonderful!

Buildings in Green Park:

Inhabitants in Green Park:

  • Covered Wagon
  • Game of Life Car
  • Light-Blue BMW Isetta
  • Q's Factory Tow Truck
  • Red Hino Ranger Ladder Truck
  • White Mazda R360
  • White/Blue Garbage Truck
  • White/Pink Mazda R360
  • Willys Jeep
  • Yellow Daihatsu Midget II
  • Yellow Lincoln Futura
  • Yellow Toyota QuickDelivery Ice Cream Truck

Ancient Green Park Edit

Ancient Green Park is what Green Park looks like when you travel to the past. It is made up of mostly woods, as most of the amusement park attractions aren't built yet, with construction is beginning in some parts.

Buildings in ancient Green Park:

Inhabitants in ancient Green Park:

  • Lavender Buick Roadmaster
  • Q's Factory Tow Truck
  • Yellow Komatsu 330M
  • Yellow Lincoln Futura