Grunge Garden
Grudge Garden
Type Country
Location First Town
Notable inhabitants 21

Grunge Garden is the first area in Choro-Q HG 3 that the player spawns in.

Background Edit

Grunge Garden is a countryside styled town, it is known for the lake and the castle. It is also the starting town for the player, and contains gates to other cities.

Inhabitants Edit

Local buildings Edit


  • Ducky : Quiz Answer all of Ducky's quizes to get items.

Activities Edit

  • Nikoniko


  • This town is named "グランジガーデン" in Japanese version, Choro-Q HG 3, Grange means a garden with some barns. So probably Grunge Garden was mistaken by translaters.
  • Meen and Ducky are two returning characters from Choro-Q HG 2.
  • "Grunge" is mispelt ingame as "Grundge"
  • It is another word for dirt and soil.


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