Guard is the given name to the guard who is protecting a certain area of Fuji City. He was involved in a kidnapping, or rather not involved, as he was asleep during the crime. He promised he'd be awake and alert at all times after the girl was rescued. You can visit him during the day, but he will not let you through. You can only uncover the mystery while he is asleep at night.


  • (During the night) "ZZZZZZZ.....ZZZZZZZ....ZZZZZZZZ! Huh? I'm full!"
  • (Seeing him the first time) "Hey! What? I haven't seen you before! You look suspicious. Go away! This is a restricted area! Police chief and Echigoya owner told me to guard this place, so I can't let you through."
  • "Go away! This is a restricted area! If you don't want to get hurt, go away! What?! The daughter of Dumpling Cake shop is gone? Who cares? Just go away!"
  • (dDring the days after Otomi was rescued) "Huh? Oh, you. Sorry about the other day. I was unaware of the kidnapping. I should've done something. So from now on, I'm going to keep an eye on the bad guys. You should too! See you!