Guard of the Maze
City Fuji City
Gender Male
Car Purple 2001 Toyota Celsior
Recruitable No

Guard of the Maze is a purple Choro-Q who guards the maze. When you enter the location of the treasure hunting maze, he'll let you in and see if you can find your way to the treasure chest. A stamp is given for finding the maze, finding the treasure, and finding it within three minutes.


  • "Hehehe. Welcome. Treasure lies in this Treasure Hunting Maze...hehehe. Hunt for treasure?"
  • (when the protagonist says "Yes!") "Hehehe! Be careful."
  • "You found the treasure! That was great driving! Hehehe. I'll be waiting."
  • "Hehehe. Great driving! You reached the goal in time. Hehehe. I'll be waiting."


  • Apparently when you enter the secret maze for the first time, the guard knows that you found the maze.


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