Guardman 1
City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Navy Blue/White Nissan Primera MkI

The first guardman patrols the streets looking for criminals. He is revealed to be the father of Lina after you become the Meister, followed by his claim that the Little RT School is filled with your dreams and said that it's a good thing to be a childhood hero.

Quotes Edit

  • "Amazing. There hasn't been any visitors to this town lately. Be careful. Careful of pickpockets and thieves. There's a lot of them. Like there's been a lot over there in the parking lot. People who look easygoing like you become victims. You've got to be strong. Oh, which reminds me... There's a road on top which you can only enter from the parking lot. People who have never been here before don't seem to know about it. Be careful."
  • "Hey, I've heard you've become a meister. That's great, my child was talking about it. Little RT School is filled with your dreams. It's a good thing to be a child's hero. Congratulations."


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