Guardman 2
City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Navy Blue/White Nissan Primera MkI

The second guardman is keen on finding out if everything is alright, he wondered if the protagonist is fine. He always knows that everyone around the city is in danger of becoming victims if they are careless around criminals, as the city itself is dark and corrupt. After you became the Meister, he thought that Meisters can become victims and victims can still be meisters.


  • "Hmm? I've never seen you around here before. There's been a lot of tourists pickpocketed. Be careful not to become a victim. You can never tell who it could be."
  • "Hey. This town is a little bit dangerous. If you're not alert, you could be harmed. There's been a lot of pickpockets lately. Such a horrid world. So people who live here are rather cautious. They become suspicious of people they don't know. Don't feel too bad about it. It's just to protect themselves. You got it?"


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