City Poqui
Gender Male
Car Yellow Mazda Savanna RX-3

Guygus is the chief of Team Pomnik, when you're about to pick a team and choose Pomnik, he says that he's already got someone practicing so he can't have another new member. He has a rough personality somewhat like a military commander. He is merciless and dirty in the race and always tries to block you from passing. Using a chassis with great Bounce Back (such as the Chassis 4 Light FX 90 or the Rubber Chassis) can be used to fend him off.

Quotes Edit

  • "Do not enter without permission! Leave the premises immediately!"
  • "Hmm! You're a spy from an enemy team!" "You fool, I'll eliminate you!!"
  • (Overtaken during the Grand Prix) "You're in my way!"
  • (Overtakes the protagonist during the Grand Prix) "Advance order!"
  • (Collided with during the Grand Prix) "Suicide attack! Agghh!!!"
  • (Collided with during the Grand Prix) "Move! Or I'll make you sorry!"
  • (Collided with during the Grand Prix) "Great attack!"
  • (Collided with during the Grand Prix) "How dare you block me!!"


  • The information for the unused lines is from the one of the Choro-Q game hackers in Japan. It is unknown how they would have been translated in the official English version.
    • "さすがでござる!" (I knew [expected] it! / You do that well as usual! / You do that well as we expected!)
    • "おみそれいたした!" (I've taken your power wrong, but actually good!)
    • "しんぐんじゃあー! おぬしもついてこい!!" (Advance orderrr! You'll follow us, too!!)


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