|name = Han |city = Noise City |gender = Male |car = Dull Blue Toyota bB|image = file:Han.png}}Han is one of the workers of the Factories who works at a workplace next to where Big Boss works. He has been scolded by Big Boss for unknown reasons but after Big Boss told the protagonist about his past, Han found out that he had been thought of like Big Boss' son and is now forgiven. When you win the World Grand Prix, Han decided to win the Work Grand Prix just to impress Big Boss.


  • "Hi, I haven't seen you around here before. Is this your first time here? I see, you're a racer. I'm a little envious, seeing how much fun you seem to be having. I'm slow, so I wouldn't ever think about entering a race. So, I'm steadily working at this factory. I am trying my hardest, but... Maybe I'm just not good at anything. Big Boss is super strict to me. I wonder why? I'm ranting, aren't I? Sorry. I've got to get back to work."
  • "What? Big Boss is thinking of me like that? I never knew! Come to think of it, he always was serious when he was shouting at me. I see.... He thinks of me as his son. It was his love all the time. Wow! He should've just told me this. I thought he didn't like me. I'm so thankful that you came by. I'm glad I understand Big Boss better now. Thank you so much for telling me!"