City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Blue Suzuki Wagon R

Harball is an inhabitant of Nyaky Town who can be found driving around. He tells you he went to a tryout for Team Sovass, by which he is referring to their Oval Circuit time trial tryout event. He states it was really hard, and believes that racers will instead tryout for Team Pomnik or Team Ranolfka, as Sovass is too strict in their training regime. He also notably informs that Olstri is of a royal soldier rank, serving the Kaybert family, which is the only time in the game you learn of such a fact. Additionally, he states the local Korshall Historic Site monument has being built a long time ago.


  • "I went to a Sovass tryout. But I didn't make the cut. It's really hard. All the racers will go to Pomnik or Ranolfka."
  • "Sovass is too strict. Kaybert is a noble, so he has a lot of money. But his power is below Lini of Team Ranolfka."
  • "Olstri from Sovass is a soldier serving the Kayberts. He's pretty good, but he praises Kaybert too much."
  • "Do you know Korshall monument? It was built long time ago."
  • "This town has 2 arches. Gorgeous, huh?"


  • When Harball speaks of Olstri serving the "Kayberts", he uses the term as a family surname, therefore possibly confirming that Kaybert is in fact another family of royal lineage, and not simply the given first name to Madam Kaybert.