City Noise City
Gender Male
Car Yellow/Blue Mazda MX-5

Harold is the guitarist of Noise City. He is nervous and shy.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hello! What floor would you like to go to?"
  • "Second/Third floor is over there."
  • "You want to talk to me? Aw, how embarrassing. I'm getting so nervous. No matter how many times I see someone, I'm still shy. I get really nervous. So my love is this guitar! Instead of chatting, listen to me play. Even without singing, you can understand my feelings, right? If it's just my guitar, I want more people to hear it. What? You know of a place? That'd be great! What, but they already have someone playing the guitar? Hmm... Is there a possibility that I'm better fit for a band?"
  • (declining his request) "Yeah. I guess I was asking for too much..."
  • (after the protagonist said "Nevermind") "See you again... sigh..."


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