|name = Harris |city = Noise City |gender = Male |car = Orange Dino 246 GTS|image = file:Harris.png}}Harris is a rude and suspicious person who doesn't like people who he doesn't know coming into his room, he doesn't want to be known by someone else. When you try to give him the package, he said that you got the wrong customer and told you to go back to Mokrin for a new customer.

Quotes Edit

  • Whoa! Huh? That thing... You're the delivery man? I see... Thank you. To tell you the truth, this isn't the real delivery point. Sorry. We were seeing if you could be trusted or not. Don't get upset. Go to Mokrin once more to find out the real place.
  • Whoa! I'm not supposed to know you anymore so don't come looking like this. I don't want people to think we're partners or anything, now hurry up and leave.