City Scratch Mountain
Gender Male
Car Brown/Grey Toyota Corolla Levin

Hayden wants to get a job like everyone else. You told him that Butch's tyre making is the one and he devised to work with Butch. He said making tyres was fun despite Butch being strict because he claimed that he is slow at learning and doubted that if it weren't for him he would have been kicked out, but Hayden understands that Butch loves his job and knows why he is strict and wanted to continue his career on making tyres.


  • Hey, first time we meet, huh? You look like an easy-going person. Completely opposite from me. I've been pondering about my future for a while now. What I want to do for life... Seriously don't know... What? There's a job that I might be good for? You serious? Uh huh... Working at a tyre store? That could be good... Thanks! I'll give you this. Hope you like it!
  • Hm? That's a frog ornament, isn't it? In fact, the one that I ordered! Thanks for delivering it! These are nice once in a while, aren't they? Oh! I've got something for you! Hope you like it!