Heaven's Rainbow is the second race-course in Grunge Garden. It can only be unlocked once 30 flags are acquired and is located under the lake.


  • There is only one variant of the course. This race will also appear as the final race in the World Grand Prix.
  • On the regular version of the race, you will only race against the Meister.


  • It is recommended that the protagonist acquire the Engine +6 from Poonk before racing, though a Engine +5 will also work.
  • it is a good idea to use the Hot Rod and Jet Turbine with, if possible, the Gasoline Tank for triple fuel capacity.
  • Additionally, some may use the Wheelie Coin to quickly turn around the sharp bends. Although the Wheelie Coin can also cause the protagonist "lock" into the ground, meaning they will move faster on downward slopes and reduce possible air.
  • However, be aware that it is possible to not "lock" to the ground, making you float awkwardly and make you prone to crashing into walls.

Trivia Edit

  • On your first time racing against the Meister, a different song will play compared to every other attempt afterwards.
  • Riding over rainbows will cause a rainbow trail to appear behind you and other racers.
  • This is the one of two "Long" Course that has three laps, the other being Space Trip.


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