City Nyaky
Gender Male
Car Purple Land Rover 109" Series (Defender)

Helikost is Otto's butler and respected friend. After the protagonist has given him the Letter of Reference, he finally lets them into see Otto for the Final Grand Prix. In the ending credits, he pushed a table with 2 glasses of wine to Otto as they look out the window and begin to drink for their friendship. In Story 4, Otto died for unknown reasons and Helikost closed Getra Palace forever.


  • "This is Getra Palace. We don't have any interviews for today."
  • "This is Getra Palace. How may I help you? Please come back later."
  • "I can't let you in unless you  have an appointment."
  • (Being given the Letter of Reference) "Oh...this is...the emblem of Team Kisbaba . I see, I see. You're friend to Miss Ania Kisbaba. No problem. I will tell Sir Otto that you're here. Please wait for a while."
  • "Oh, hello. Did you come here to challenge him again? Please come inside if you need to talk with Sir Otto."
  • "Oh, hello, hello. {Protagonist}. It was such a great race at the Grand Prix. Did you want to talk with Sir Otto? Please come in."
  • "Oh my, oh my, I'm sorry to see that you are lost inside. Please come back later."
  • "Oh, hello. Long time no see.  Hmmm... Please come inside if you need to talk with Sir Otto."
  • Oh, hello, hello. {Protagonist}. "How do you do? Sir Otto is not doing well and can't see you right now."
  • (should the protagonist choose to leave as Otto is unwell) "I see. I'm sorry. Please come back next time."
  • Oh, hello hello. {Protagonist}. How do you do? I'm terribly sorry... but Sir Otto passed away. This palace will be closed pretty soon... Thank you. Goodbye."


  • Helikost's name has a strange resemblance to the Holocaust.
  • A citizen in Nyaky revealed that Helikost was once a member of Team Sovass a long time ago, but had since left.


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