Hover Tank
Faction Q-Stein Empire
Gender Male
Military vehicle Yellow/Blue Scorpion-Like Hover Tank
Military rank Prototype

Hetero is a boss in Shin-Combat Choro-Q. It is the Q-Stein Empire's latest experimental superweapon, it is summoned with the first guard carrier that flees from Naldnick. This prototype is activated to eliminate the player. This boss only appears if you picked the mission, "In the Midst of Fire".

Weapons and abilitiesEdit

The scorpion-like Hetero moves using powerful hover jets in its four mechanical legs. It can move very quickly in any direction which makes it difficult to hit. The hover jets, however, can be temporarily disabled by shooting them, slowing it down and leaving it open for attack.

  • Spiral Shot: Hetero's main weapon, a cannon on a ball turret that fires a spiraling plasma shell towards the target with good accuracy.
  • Shock Claws: Two large claws mounted on long hydraulic arms. They conceal the electric laser beams.
  • Electric Laser: Mounted in the shock claws, this weapon fires an electric laser beam in an arc towards its target. They cause the most damage out of Hetero's arsenal.


  • The boss's name hasn't appeared in the game, but in Japan, the Shin-Combat Choro-Q strategy guide reveals that its name is "ヘテロ (Hetero Hetero))", although it is unknown if "Hetero" comes from the prefix, and if there was an official English translation, "Hetero" might be spelled as-is, or as "Hetelo", "Heterro", "Hetello" and so on.


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