• High Speed Oval Small
  • High Speed Oval Medium
  • High Speed Oval Long
High Speed Oval is the second racetrack in Gapecotch where past racers used to have a bunch of incidents back in the day. It is there that the accident that ended Norkia's life had occurred, twenty years prior to the events of the game.

Game DescriptionsEdit

  • S: Get max speed on oval course.
  • M: Performance put to the test.
  • L: Aim for the highest speed


  • High Speed Oval was first seen in the intro movie.
  • It is where Norahike last had a race with Norkia until she died.
  • When Shoebinde explains the levels of races to the player, the cinematic is set in this course during the past.
  • The only way to access High Speed Oval M in story mode is in the January Parts Race.


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