City Grunge Garden
Gender Female
Car Tan 1999 Toyota Will-VI

Hillary (known in Japan as フィレリー (Firerī)) is a resident in Grunge Garden who has fallen in love with the jeweller Appraiser J.


  • "Oh, hi {Protagonist's name}! Won't you come over here and listen? Hehehe... I think I've fallen in love. I'm so embarrassed, huh? Why are you blushing? It's not you! Anyway... Jewels are so beautiful... That person is more beautiful than jewels, and knows so much about those jewels it's amazing. I mean, there's only a few stones all throughout the world, yet he knows so much about them. Isn't that amazing? Oh! Which reminds me, I picked up something weird the other day. I definitely don't need it. It seems to be some fertilizer or something you use for a garden. I'll give it to you. Here you go. Jewels are so hard to find. I've heard they're usually in places you usually don't go to. Anyways, I'm off to go look for some more gemstones!"
  • "Hey, that's, {Protagonist}! Isn't that the one I ordered? How cute!! Yellow froggie!!! You came to deliver it? Thank you soo much."
  • "Oh, hi {Protagonist}! Lately, I've been looking for gemstones everywhere! But I can't find any...I heard they're in places where you least expect it."


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